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  1. Aaron was not only my brother, he was my friend and hero to many including me. This website is a true honor and tribute to his life. He is thought of every second of every day and he will be missed forever. Our family appreciates all everyone continues to do for us and we are blessed because of each one of you. Aaron, I love you and miss you terribly. Look forward to seeing everyone at the golf tournament, another great opportunity to get together and honor Aaron’s life.

  2. The site is beautiful, a worthy tribute. Your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. It’s hard to believe that Aaron left us six months ago because he is alive in our hearts every day. Other times it seems like years since we were able to hug him and see that smiling face.
    I struggle every day to maintain the kind of attitude that Aaron exemplified and remember the faith that he held. Praise God for his presence in my life and may I learn from it always.

  4. Annual Golf Tourney. Great idea… think I’ll be there! Why not?
    Can’t think of anything more important then family, we had family at home and work with David & Sons.

  5. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and defeated I think of Hubbs. I think about about his drive and determination that made him such an amazing person. It gives me the strength to get up and stop feeling sorry for myself and continue with my day. He is in my mind daily and I miss him so much. I’m also amazed by Amber and how she has grown these last few months. I am so excited to see the Lord’s plans for her as she has chosen to cling to Him in this hard time instead of run away. What an amazing mother, teacher, daughter, friend. If we all could just live a little more like Hubbs everyday the world would be a better place.

  6. Aaron loved to play golf. For that matter, Aaron loved life. The 26th of April, 2008 will be a great day to remember the good times that we had with him. I love having the oportunity to raise money for “Friends With Kids With Cancer” because that organization was so kind to Aaron and my family. I will never be able to fully express my great pride in how Aaron lived and died. Please come to be with us and to share in his memory

  7. Thank you for the opportunity to come together and celebrate Aaron’s incredible life. His journey was one that gave others an example to follow. Aaron would be so pleased and proud. This event will help so many children and will give their families support and hope. We love you all and thank God every day for your friendship and love. Our Love, Jim, Kathy, Cory, Lindsay, and Chad

  8. Thank you very much for putting this tournament together. It’s a great event to celebrate Aaron’s life and the wonderful person that he was. Happy Birthday Aaron!!


    Justin Katy and Stan

  9. I am so proud to have been Aaron’s aunt. He was so full of life, laughter, and love. I spent many of days on the golf course with Aaron with him trying to beat me. As long as I beat him I had to pay for the golf. It didn’t take me long to realize he always let me win so he would never have to pay. This is just one memory of the times spent with Aaron that I will hold in my heart forever. I am so excited about the golf tournament and being able to play. I know how important it was to Aaron to support “Kids with Cancer”. Let’s celebrate his life and have a great fund-raiser in Aarons memory. Thank you to all the people that are working so hard to make this possible.
    Aunt Sue

  10. We had such a short time with Aaron, but in that short time we had some great times. He will always be a part of our family and will always be missed. We love you the A Team.

  11. I will be at the golf tournament playing with some other people who coached Aaron in high school. Aaron’s intregrity, attitude and work ethic was above reproach. I miss him, I think of him often. A fine wine is known by the grapes not by the vine; and Aaron will be remembered for the happiness and joy he brought everyone he knew.

  12. Still miss ya buddy.

  13. Hubbs touched everyone’s life! He had a drive no matter when, at work or on the soccer field. I am glad I asked him to sub for us a few times. He was talented!
    My kids, although only meeting him a few times at work functions, still pray for the soul of Mr. Aaron every night a bedtime along with others who have gone to heaven.
    I know he is having a blast up there!
    Can’t wait until this years golf tourn! Hope it is bigger and better than last years!

  14. It’s going to be 50+ degrees this week, A! That means spring is coming and that means the golf tournament is around the corner! I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately and miss you tons! Looking forward to a great day in May with all of those who loved you so much!

  15. Aaron is our Angel and continues to watch over us and lifts us up everyday. Aaron sends us hope and faith and because of him, we are better human beings….We all miss Aaron and we have so many fond memories of the special person he was to all of us. In fact, with Aaron’s great sense of humor, we know he will give all those golfers a break on their handicap and try to keep them out of the rough! We love Aaron, his beautiful family, and all that they contribute to our daily lives.
    Thank you and God Bless You. Our love and friendship, Jim, Kathy, Cory, Lindsay, and Chad